Dumpling going downhill, vet appt tomorrow, but don't think he will make it...

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Nov 12, 2011
I actually had his condition posted on the chin diet forum under oxbow supplement. Tanya has been helping me out with wonderful heart. However, just started last night, dumpling became weak and not even able to take the CC. He's now breathing hard and no strength. His vet is not available till tomorrow.

At this same time, I want to do some pre-planning for Dumpling. I want him to have a private cremation and so I can take the ashes with me wherever I go. Does anyone is Toronto know any good services and pricing? I looked up there is Gateway, pet at peace, and thistle down. Among them I prefer thistle down, but do u guys have any suggestions or experiences?

Just to follow up and thought it would be nice to add a piece of after-care information to the forum. Dumpling left us last night at 11:20pm. He went without too much struggle and we were with him and holding his paws the whole time. We know he is now running freely and happily with his buddy, Singy, over the Rainbow Bridge. Both Dumpling and Singy will be in our loving memories always…

As for the after-care, we chose to go with Thistledown Pet Memorial. There, Colin and Nancy took excellent and great care of Dumpling with dignity and respect. We were allowed to stay with Dumpling the whole process, knowing that Dumpling won't be scared to be alone and most importantly, we were 100% sure his cremains did not mix with other animals. We also got paw prints of Dumpling, which was a wonderful idea. They would also do a little bit of a fur clipping for the keeping, but since we already did it at home, so we didn't need this service. Every handling of Dumpling was done very gently and before every step of the process, they always ask if we would like to do by ourselves. We were given chances to stay alone in a peace room to grieve. Thistledown was a wonderful and peaceful place for after-care and to say good-bye to our fur friends. Colin and Nancy are such wonderful people with great hearts for both human and animals. You will definitely find peace in this place. Highly, highly recommend if you are in the GTA!!!
So sorry for your loss! RIP sweet baby and run free and happy. It sounds like you had a beautiful place to say goodbye. Gentle hugs and thoughts for healing.
Thank you. We will continue to stay strong and take good care of the other two I have, Minny and Biggy. Minny was Dumpling's best buddy, I just hope he won't be too sad. I will keep a good eye on both of them and give them extra love, hugs, and kisses. Oh, Dumpling I miss you so much!!! For the last month or so, we had been very busy hand feeding and taking care of Dumpling, 3am in the morning, later in the morning, extra hours at night time... It's been a lot of work and researches on how we could give him a better care until his tumor takes him away from us. I wish I could have done more. Now everything seems to have slowed down, mornings and nights aren't the same anymore... We love you Dumpling.