Chin matting between mother and son

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May 5, 2023
I have two standard gray and whites
and a kit in the same hutch, question can
the son impregnate the mother ? I can easily move him but it might cause some
anxiety, your thoughts, and thanks in advance :)
🤦‍♀️ Yes, apparently it isn't common knowledge anymore but if you have an intact biological male and an intact biological female together they can mate. Animals don't have the concept of it being related, they just see male and female when it comes to mating. Although rare males can breed as young as 8 weeks, and females as young as around 12 weeks so it's best to wean males at 8 weeks (or about 200g if still small at 8 weeks) or they can and often will mating with their mother and try to mate with any sisters. In case you also don't know inbreeding is not a good thing.
Boy + girl = babies. They don't care if they're mother and son. It's a biological imperative.