Cataract, Calcium Deposit, Eye Infection?

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Dec 15, 2010
San Francisco, CA
Hi - my chin seems to be having some issues with HER right eye. It's really hard to see and capture, but I think you can tell from the pictures I posted. I took her to an emergency vet over the weekend, and they said it's not an emergency yet. They don't really know what the issue is. They didn't see any foreign object or scratches on the cornea. The vet only saw a slit of opacity and thought it could be cataract or calcium deposit, but no definitive answer on what it really is. But I'm actually seeing more like a gray bubble or floater and it looks transparent to me. It's almost like it's not always there or in the same spot but I could be wrong. Her activities are normal - eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, not lethargic, but she is blinking that right eye much more and squinting at times. I don't see her pawing at her mouth, and although it's a little bit watery around the eye, it's not excessive, and there's no discharge or puss around the eye. A month ago, she had her regular exam and her teeth and eyes were good. She did, and still does, have two bald spots at the base of her tail and we suspected fungus so she had dust bath with anti-fungal powder in it for over a month. We also did a ringworm test and it came back negative. She's 13 years and 5 months old.

Any idea what the eye issue is? I made an appointment to go to her regular vet (UC Davis, which has an ophthalmology department) but it's three weeks out, and their emergency service was at full capacity today so I couldn't bring her in. While it might not be a true emergency, I don't want to wait too long if any action now can reverse course or prevent her from having something more serious. For reference, I also posted one picture of her left eye at the end.

Thank you!