Can I give my Chinchilla Hamster Treats?

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Apr 5, 2020
A while ago my Hamster passed away and we still have two bags of leftover vitakraft strawberry drops for hamsters. I want to know if it is fine to give one or two a day to my Chinchilla until they run out, then we would buy the normal chinchilla drops. I have posted the ingredients for the strawberry drops below.1616941519567.png
No, those are not safe to give chins at all. Chins should not have anything high in sugars, milk or milk products, fruits, corn or corn products. Also no vegetables, seeds, or nuts just so you know for future reference.
Those strawberry drops may not be suitable for your chinchilla as they could contain ingredients that might upset their tummy. I'd recommend checking the ingredients carefully and consulting with a vet to ensure the treats won't harm your chinchilla. For chinchilla-specific treats, it's best to go with options designed for them to ensure their well-being. 😊If you ever need more info on chinchilla care, you can check out this website I found: https://hamsternow.cоm/. It might have some helpful tips for your little furry friend.