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Nov 16, 2023
Lately my 2 chins seem very excited to get into their bath, but once in, they’re not displaying typical Chin bath behavior (rolling). They just sit there. They’ll both jump in the bath with the Poof dust, but then just sit and pop their heads out occasionally. Then after a while, they’ll get out.
Should I be dumping and replacing the dust regularly? I’ve just been adding a bit more each time they bathe.
Any suggestions welcomed!
I don't know for sure why they aren't rolling, but I only change the dust when it starts getting gritty (about once a month) or if they pee in it, just remove any poops each time.

Has anything else changed? New dust bath container? Were you using a different dust before? Also are they otherwise acting and moving around normally? Sometimes not rolling could be because they are in pain and rolling hurts. Also sometimes if you offer the bath too often they aren't interested in bathing, they need to actually feel like they need a bath before they will roll in it, getting a bit greasy isn't going to hurt them. Also in most areas a couple times a week is enough, but if it's dry where you live only offering the bath once a week may be enough, bathing too often can dry out their skin and fur.
Pretty dry right now due to weather (cold). Acting normally otherwise. Same container, dust seems normal - I don‘t leave it in the cage, just put in 2-3 times/week to let them bathe. I’ve seen them rolling in their house where cast-off dust settled, just don’t roll a lot in the bath. I think I’ll cut back to twice a week and see if they’re more interested. Thanks
Update: I cut back to twice a week, and now they are much more engaged in their baths - they act like the chins in videos with rolls and dig around in the poof.