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Apr 5, 2020
I have a very picky chin so I am looking for some treats and things that she may like. I have found a couple of things but am not sure how safe they are. Does anyone know about the following?

Science Selective has a number of "hay loops" that say they are also for Chinchillas. I know that they do have one of the better pellets for chins but was not sure about some of the ingredients in these. Here are the ones I was looking at:

They also have a few others with the same ingredients but with dried carrot, dried thyme, and flaxseed. I was not sure about these either.

I found these Timothy Hay Chews and I think some of the ones in this would be good but not sure about the other ones (like sweet potato, rice grain, forget me nots, sorghum):

Thank you for everyone's help with this. I keep finding things that she does not like or cannot have (she eats the cardboard so that cuts out a lot of toys), so when I find something she likes and is good for her, it is always nice.
Those loops treats unfortunately are both not good for chins, the orchard ones because of the peas (can be gassy) and the apple (too much sugar and can cause digestive upset), the timothy ones have peas and cranberries. The only one of the loops line that are "ok" so long as you give in moderation and monitor is the woodland ones They do still have peas though so keep it to just one treat and only a couple per week.

The Timothy Hay Chews on Amazon, the calendula and the rose petals ones might be ok. I'm not sure about the forget me nots, I can't remember if they are ok or not, I think so, but personally since I don't know for sure I wouldn't trust it. However they are made in China by a Chinese company, so I personally really wouldn't trust any of them period. China does not have the same safety regulations for pet supplies that the US does or even for pet supplies they export vs what they sell in country making them risky.

If you really want to go with store bought treats some safe ones include
It's best to limit both those Oxbow ones to just a few a week not a few per day that the package says though.

A good rule to follow for treats is they should not contain any fruit, veggies, seeds (that one is a little confusing, specifically no oil seeds like sunflower), nuts, sugars like honey, and no animal products (dairy, eggs, meat, bone, horn, hide, etc). Also of course no human junk food. Grains can be gassy for some, which can turn into bloat, so it's been to avoid or limit them for and in treats.

Here is a list of safe treats you can give I got off a chinchilla Facebook page.


A couple good company you can get several of these things on Amazon and Chewy is Exotic Nutrition, as well as Small Pets Select has flower and herb blend too. However you can often get them for cheaper going with a chinchilla vendor like

There is an old list here of vendors, but not all are still in business, the ones I listed I know are still around though.
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Thank you for that. I do get some herbs and treats with sticks from Ronda's Chins and love them. I will look into the other ones that you listed :)