Anyone heard of or used this Chinchilla seller?

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Nov 25, 2022
Kansas City, MO

A user on Reddit inquired if anyone had used this site, or knew anything about the organization that runs it. I replied with a 6 paragraph break down of all the things I saw wrong with the site, and why I wouldn't trust it, but I figured I'd check here to see if anyone could confirm/deny that it is a valid organization.

Kind of hard to comment as it doesn't say who or where they are. Most people know breeders by name and I checked everywhere and couldn't find one.
I would say very likely a scam, not only does the page look like a lot of just "cut and paste" type info, links don't give proper info. Also as tunes pointed out they don't even say were they are, aside from claiming to be USDA licensed, which is very suspicious.

Also running the site through a scam detector site it comes up as with several red flags including that it's only been around for a month. Although it could be the person is brand new, that does not add up with the supposed "testimonials" of someone getting one from them in 2021. As well as one says the breeder is man named Samuel were as others say Henry and his wife (unless the "wife" identifies as a man named Samuel).
100% Scam, almost all of the photos and references were stolen from Cameron Holmes in the UK, some of the text about the history was stolen from my site. You can report this website to the provider to get it taken down.

When I find these I look them up with ICANN

Then use the abuse contact email. Sometimes that is fake so you can go further and look up the company that owns the registry server and let them know. If enough people report it they will take it down as if it gets blacklisted it will do so to the entire server and all customers on that server.

Other places to report phishing sites;
The gov't -
Google -
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