1 or 2 Hedgies?

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Jul 1, 2009
New England
Currently I'm looking into the idea of getting a hedgehog. However, I'm looking all over for what is available on information. Been learning quite a bit. I was curious if anyone can answer my novice quest of.. Can you house two hedgehogs? I'd figure you might be able to do female? or are they strictly solitary creatures?
From the research I've done, you only have them by themselves. While some females may tolerate the others presence, it usually doesn't end well. So yes, only one by itself is best.
ive only ever had one by themselves, (ive never tried to house pairs), so i cant say how well pairs go but I can say that they are happy as solitary hedgies when well taken care of. a wheel, heat, delicious food, approrpiate snacks, and playtime... and they will be very happy little buggers!
Hedgies can rarely live together. I believe most people put them together for breeding, them separate because of the fighting issue.