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    Chin Store

    Ann (Chinmama here) runs that store and as ticklechin said, she is awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    what is the best food for chins

    No chin food that has more than pellets is good. A health chin food contains only pellets. Anything else mixed in is junk. Obviously they will eat around the pellets to get to the junk food- it's like handing a kid a plate with vegetables and candy- they will eat the candy and ignore the...
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    Squishing Self Against Floor?

    An hour is an awfully long time for playtime. I notice mine doing this when they are getting tired, overheated or both. I know you said you let him decide when he is done playing, but they are known to over exert themselves and not know when to quit. I don't let mine out for more than 20...
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    Male or Female help

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    Wet eye

    Looks like he has some conjunctivitis going on. You will want to take him to the vet as eye infections can be tricky to get rid of. The vet should stain the cornea to check for scratches or ulcers and from there can decide what type of antibiotic to give. Sometimes it takes an eye drop and oral...
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    chin spin in a superpet cage?

    I replaced all my cages with Ferret Nations after that. But to answer your question from earlier, the silver surfers are a lot lighter than the chin spins if I remember correctly.
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    chin spin in a superpet cage?

    I used to, the chin spin ending up breaking several of the bars. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Orange pee - Bladder stone?

    Drinking more water can sometimes be a sign of an illness such as a UTI or diabetes as well. I would continue to monitor him for any other symptoms and make a vet visit should you notice any. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Massive Tuft

    Probably a fur slip. Something may have startled her causing her to slip her fur. If you gently tug on the tuft it will probably come out easily as more than likely it is no longer attached. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Giant Chinchillas

    My Diesel hovers around 1000g. My boy Smudge who I had to euthanize a couple of years ago due to malo was 1200 before his teeth issues started in and he lost a ton of weight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bacteria in Vulva & bedding

    It will be fine to give it 4 hours early. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bacteria in Vulva & bedding

    I see a couple of red flags here. Wet neck and chin could be a sign of a dental problem, or a side effect of pain elsewhere. A lot of bacteria + discharge immediately makes me think of pyometra, which is a life threatening infection of the uterus. Usually antibiotics are not enough to clear it...
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    Chinchilla diarrhea emergency!!!!

    Do you know what parasites the vet tested for? Is his poop smelly, mucousy or just watery? He eats the fiesta mix because it is junk food- it's like offering a kid a plate of broccoli or candy. They will pick the candy every time. Stop offering it and feed him only hay for a few days- then...
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    possible URI or esophageal obstruction

    I know you're desperate to get food into her, but offering her fruits like apples especially when she isn't accustomed to them can do much more harm than good and cause even more digestive issues which she definitely doesn't need. Not sure what your feeding technique is, but when I have one who...
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    Chin in critical condition :-(

    I'm surprised a breeder would knowingly sell someone a sick chin. Hoping she pulls through for you. Did you quarantine her from your others when you brought her home?