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    ECBC Washington State Show 2016

    Announcing the Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative Washington State 2016 Show! Saturday, December 3, 2016 Red Lion Hotel Tacoma 8402 S. Hosmer Street Tacoma, WA 98444 253-648-1212 See attached for more information! Looking forward to seeing you there!
  2. seachin

    Chin's poop is soft

    What tunes said, and I would get a better feed as well. Oxbow chinchilla is a good start.
  3. seachin


    nicely done!
  4. seachin

    No more blue cloud

    Nope nope nope. Not doing Blue Sparkle and no breeders I know would either. This is very disconcerting!
  5. seachin

    Fur problem

    if you aren't seeing bare fur or shorter/chewed fur, it probably is just pushing fur and should look nice again in a few months when it is cooler!
  6. seachin

    3 chins vs. a pair?

    I agree, I wouldn't advise it, as adults, the likelihood of fighting is pretty high.
  7. seachin

    Dried rose hips and salt

    Agree with Ticklechin, especially no on the salt/mineral blocks. Completely unadvisable.
  8. seachin

    Fur problem

    Probably fur slips. I like to check personally, by blowing into the area to see if I can see bare skin with NO flaking. If there is a bare patch that's not flaking and not scabby, then its just fur slips and not injuries or fungus. If it was a fur slip, when you blow into the fur you could also...
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    Definitely a girl
  10. seachin

    What do you all do for water?

    three stage under counter filter. Really depends on how clean you want the water and how bad your water is to start.
  11. seachin

    Hangerbolt drivers

    I too am interested in what you use to drive these. pic please?
  12. seachin

    New owner - looks like eczema on the tail. Thoughts?

    I agree with the above, likely fungus with chewing because of it. definitely treat it as it won't go away on its own.
  13. seachin

    ECBC Washington State Show Dec 5, 2015

    We are currently looking for sponsors for awards as well as advertisements for the show book. If you are interested in sponsoring, donating raffle items, or have any questions about this show, email us at [email protected].