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  • Girlfriend I am SO sorry! I forget to check my wall messages ALL the time!

    Anyway when you see me on at night I'm at work. If you need me email me at work Laurie.A.Nievin@snapon.com That way I'll always see it!
    I order all my supplies online :] except for hay
    I wish I could have spent more time talking to you! John called freaking out about stuff that happened to him over his vacation and I was trying to calm him down.
    I hope you can get everything resolved, I want you to be able to meet your author
    Hey girl I can't believe you ditched us for taco night! Speaking of tacos when I came out to the car to leave for work there was a Mexican restaurant menu plastered to the car. It's a new restaurant in town down the stree from us and they have barbacoa tacos MY FAVORITE! We're going to give them a try one of these nights!!! My French Collections colors should be here soon! I'm SO excited, but don't know if I'll wear any in the summer. I might be sneaking some in though LOL!
    Glad you made it back from Tahoe safe and sound!
    Haha, yep! I loved the Chronicles of Narnia books growing up and when I saw Reep's cute little mousey face, I knew that was the perfect name for him. He's a valiant leader as well... haha
    I didn't even see you had posted this to me until the 8th! I've been forgetting my wall messages!!! So sorry! It was Danny Gokey day here yesterday!!!!!
    Well thank goodness! I thought you fell off the planet! I'll check out the 5 person dinner--I hope you have me on there--LOL!
    I found out J R Ward who writes the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (vampire romances) is going to be at a Barnes and Noble in Milwaukee on May pushing her lastest book! I'm stoked! I'm definitely going to have her sign a couple of older books I have by her--and don't tell Peggy but I'm going to buy her new hardcover book for Peggy because she says it takes them forever to get them out in North Dakota.
    I'm doing all right--how about you?
    Hi I saw that you go to West Valley, I go to De Anza. Did you go to LGHS? I'm getting a chinchilla soon, just saying hi though :]
    In honor of you I posted a who would you want at your dinner in the Chit Chat section! Check it out and let me know who you'd pick!
    I'm a 3rd shift service support specialist in the I/T department for a large tool company. It's a total switch from banking which I did as a supervisor/asst. manager for 15 years.
    I get to talk to people all over the world--I really enjoy it. The downfall is if something goes wrong with jobs that run (I monitor them through a Unix process) I have wake someone up here in Wisconsin--not so fun!
    I think William Faulkner would enjoy having lunch with Joey Hill! He definitely reminds me of someone with a bit a dark side.
    I read a lot of Sci/Fi and Fantasy when I was married and really loved Piers Anthony--one thing I can't read is horror. It really scares the beejeebs out of me!
    I'd like to think someday soon I'll have a laptop and then maybe even go back to school for some writing classes. Margaret Mitchell was in her 80's when Gone With The Wind was published, so I still have a lot of time!
    Read the bottom post first! I had too many characters and had to cut and paste

    Just remember too, it's not too late for you to someday meet JK Rowling. I had the chance to see Elvis' last concert buy my parents said no--we all regret it to this day. If you ever have even an inkling of a chance--go for it!!!

    I'm on the forum late, late at night because I work 3rd shift 11--7. So I'm always here. Someday when I have a laptop (hopefully within the year) I'll be on during the weekend and at normal night time hours--until then it's the night owl shift all the way!
    Wow you're making the authors thing hard--okay here goes
    John Steinbeck--because he's John Steinbeck
    William Faulkner--same as above!
    Lacey Alexander aka Toni Blake--writing as Lacey she is my favorite erotica author--writing as Toni Blake one of my favorite contemporary romance authors
    Joey Hill--my favorite dark erotica author
    Erin McCarthy--contemporary romance
    Rachel Gibson--contemporary romance
    Cindy Gerard--military romance
    Yeah see I'm heavily into the romance stuff--but I'd kill to meet Steinbeck and talk to him!
    Honestly if I met both Lacey/Toni and Joey Hill I bet I would faint--seriously.
    My top author--Jesus--but someday I will meet him.
    Sorry Im late on this. The fiance came home so I've been busy catching up with him :) What I do is kind of count calories. Not very strictly, but strictly enough.

    For example, in a day I'll have:

    2 eggs w/ veggies scrambled for breakfast
    tuna salad with lots of added veggies for lunch
    lean cuisine of your choice for supper + a salad
    as for snacks you can have: cheese and crackers (babybel cheese and 5 dare multigrain crackers is 200cal), rice crispers, these granola bites - chocolate kind is soooo good and it's only 90 calories.

    Just mix it all up everyday and there ya go! I've also found you can make a good low cal spaghetti. Get whole wheat pasta, lowsodium/low fat tomato sauce and extra extra lean ground beef and there ya go!! :)
    Hey! I'm two hours ahead of you, but I work 3rd shift so I'm on the forum from 11--7:00. I don't know if you've ever noticed but I dont do the forum ever on the weekends. I would have to go into my son's room for the computer and that's just icky if you know what I mean!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. We had a really nice time.
    I'll let you know if I had to get dragged to the Friday the 13th movie this weekend! You get some sleep! And have a great weekend!
    Writing is actually a good escape for me. That's why I read as much as I do. With a sister with terminal cancer I'd like to be anywhere but here! I'd like to be anyone but me sometimes. But then again I wouldn't have my wonderful family and my cute as heck chinnies and sweetie pie cats if I was someone else.
    What would you say is your favorite time in history?
    I'm a BIG fan of the Scottish Highlands and the culture and ruling of Lairds.
    I also like and appreciate the old west. I think I'm a sucker for frontier women and cowboys! But I love the dress and costumes of English royalty from the renaissance--even though they were most uncomfortable.
    But I will say given the choice to go back in time and visit one period I would choose to meet Elvis in early 56 or even 69--it would be the greatest joy I could ever imagine!
    Bog bodies are SO fascinating! Talk about the history behind it all! What amazes me is when I was young and in school history was so boring to me. Now as an adult I find myself drawn to history shows and science shows. I wish I would have been like this when I was younger!
    I hope you will truly follow your dream of writing! The best advice I can give is, even though constructive criticism seems harsh, it's the best criticism you can receive. When I was younger I didn't understand this!
    And last but not least--your young, don't worry about what you haven't done with your life yet. Be lazy and have fun! Growing up kind of sucks!! LOL!
    Speaking of being young, I promised to take my niece and her friends to Friday the 13th this weekend! YIKES! That movie scared the beejeebs out of me years ago. But I got sucked into it! I'll let you know how it goes!
    Russian literature is very exciting--The Metamorphisis is still one of my favorite stories!
    But I'm old school literature--William Faulkner Intruder in the Dust, Steinbecks East of Eden and Cannery Row and Picnic and Dark at the Top of the Stairs by William Inge and I can't forget The Glass Menagerie by Williams. Of course my favorite of all time old school is definitely To Kill A Mockingbird--even the movie was great!
    What types of tv shows suck you in? I'm a sucker for any and all cop shows! I love the CSI's but even more so I love watching the ID channel or Discovery on all the forensics shows. They just fascinate me.
    But I'm also sucked into the Rock of Love Bus or as Brandon and I like to call it--Skank Bus!
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