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    ECBC Washington State Show Dec 5, 2015

    Will this be happening next year, and is it something just for breeders? I would love to go to one (or something similar) just to learn more in general
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    Chinchillas fighting after being together for awhile. Help!

    This happened with my two:( my boys are both 3, brothers. One morning we woke up and there was fur everywhere and my smaller one was tucked in the house with patches missing, we separated them, let them try to get close during a single play time and the bigger brother was just too aggresssive:(...
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    The Ferret Nation Club

    Oh ok thank you! I just didn't know if maybe they connected differently and didn't want to buy the wrong piece!
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    The Ferret Nation Club

    Also! I saw someone post that ferret.Com is still 15% off, and just so people know 1800petsupplies is 30% off! A 183 add on is 69.99 which I believe is even cheaper than the ferret.Com sale, so if you need to save money!!:)
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    The Ferret Nation Club

    Hi! I may post this somewhere else too so it doesn't get lost in this thread, which is incredible by the way! But I was curious, I recently bought my FN 181 unit and was looking for a second unit; does it have to be the 182? Or can a 183 unit go right on top of a 181 as well? Thank you for any...
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    Help with introductions

    I don't have experience introducing chins, but I have read a lot on here that some chins just don't want or need a cage mate, and they may never click the way you want. Even if Zeus does want a friend in his cage Hades may prefer to be on his own
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    unrestricted playtime- any arguments against

    This is is true. My fur baby found his way into a piano we had in the room with him. I was always in the room and it didn't take long to realize when he wasn't just bouncing around behind it lol. They are sneaky!;)
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    2 outta 2!

    Welcome!:) This site is awesome, I have learned a ton! The people here are definitely well versed and know what they're talking about:)
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    Hi from new herd in Scotland

    Welcome!! You will learn so much great information here:)
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    Welcome!! He sounds like a happy little guy
  11. Not the best photo, but I love his ears:)

    Not the best photo, but I love his ears:)

  12. Pictures??


  13. Robbin loved his old cage; happy that we just got our new one!

    Robbin loved his old cage; happy that we just got our new one!

  14. Robbin's old cage

    Robbin's old cage

  15. Hello!