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    Hi, this is my first time on here and I had a question about my Chinchilla but can not get a hold of any vets after hours:( Can I post it here?
    Didn't mean to ditch you--Chat froze and disconnected and I can't seem to get back in, even though it says I'm still in there! Weird. Anyways, have a good day at work and babysitting. Was nice chatting with you. : )
    Sorry about Thorne...How lovely that he'll still be near you at your new house. Congrats about the new house btw.
    Lisa's hanging in there. We are getting the results of her brain MRI on Tuesday. We're crossing fingers that the cancer is gone from her brain as she had full brain radiation. I'll keep everyone posted once I know the news. She had the test last week and we didn't hear back so we figure no news is good news!
    I'm so proud of you buying a house at such a young age. Some guy is going to so lucky to snag you!!!
    Hey there! Just wondering how you've been. Anything new and exciting going on? What's new on the boyfriend front? Have you picked out your dream wedding dress yet?
    Have you watched the new CSI episodes with Laurence Fishburn? I really like him.
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