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    Help with chin skin.

    Thank you Jawramik for your support I really appreciate every word. I'm so sorry to hear about your rat RIP that is so bad. I know he/she was a brave, strong one, I'm pretty sure you did your best to help:cry:. I kinda feel better knowing I'm not going through this alone. You're such a helpful...
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    Help with chin skin.

    I took him to the nearest vet (which isn't that advanced or specializes in exotics because his condition was getting worse) and it appeared that he had scabies and his body temperature was low ( which he said could be from the ac which I don't understand because chinchillas need cool room...
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    Help with chin skin.

    Hi guys, I really need some help! I bought a chinchilla on Saturday, it's my first time owning one. I provided him with everything he needs (food/water) and a temporary cage that he seems to be fine with for now. I didn't force touching him the first couple of days then I started to get him out...