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    Shaking and weird noises

    I tend to play it safe and give no fresh vegetables. Only dry chin safe treats! I wonder if her stretching was because of bloat? The grinding sound may just be her grinding teeth. Not sure what the shaking is about. If she's a new pet it's probably a good idea to get her to an exotics vet...
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    Cloudy Urine

    I tried feeding Mr. B Sherwood's pellets and he actually really liked them! His poops have been great too. I think I'll try switching him over to that, and also saw they have a urinary tract health supplement that I'm going to try out too. It has lots of good reviews, so maybe it'll make a...
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    Cloudy Urine

    I buy hay from, Mr B gobbles it all up! Except for the first cut timothy. The mountain hay they sell is just one type of grass, not a mixture. The grass blades are thin and long. I'm gonna remove the mountain hay from his diet for now too so he's just on orchard and 2nd cut...
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    Cloudy Urine

    I only feed him a little bit of Oat hay but I'll remove it from his daily hay. The mountain grass is pretty high in protein too (12%), maybe I should lessen that as well? He peed yesterday night during playtime and it didn't look milky like it did yesterday, so I guess this isn't something...
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    Cloudy Urine

    Yikes, I was hoping Mr. B was in the clear now after having had molar spurs! Maybe I should get pet health insurance for him.. these visits ain't cheap! In the mean time is there anything I can do right now about his diet that might help? Would it help to switch to timothy hay based pellets...
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    Chinchilla Games!

    Are there any games your chinchilla likes to play with you? Mr. B and I recently discovered a new "game" he likes to play! When it's playtime, there's a pumpkin in the corner of the space we play in (it's from halloween.. never been carved! Still hasn't rotted yet!). He'll jump up on top of...
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    Cloudy Urine

    A while ago I had posted about Mr. B's urine leaving a white chalky residue (and it turns out that was not abnormal), but just today when we were playing he pee'd and I noticed it looked yellowish and cloudy.. which I heard can be problematic! The urine didn't smell bad and he hasn't been...
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    Sick chin still losing weight

    I would keep feeding her critical care. When my chin was on antibiotics I had to force feed him about 4-5 syringes of food 2-3 times a day (sometimes I had work and could only feed him morning/evenings), I think that was like 25-30ml per meal tho? It was about 4-5 syringes of cc. 10ml seems...
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    Cracked, Bleeding Feet

    Oh interesting, I've noticed Mr. B's heels getting kind of pink looking, so I'm going to try to get him some round perches to sit on!
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    Should I get a dehumidifier?

    Okay so I finally got my hands on a thermometer/hygrometer, and it says the humidity is between 40-45% by Mr. B's cage, which I read is good for chinchillas. I have no idea why the local humidity in Portland read so high when inside my apt it's not even close to that? Oh well, looks like...
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    White residue in urine

    Oh phew, I'm just a new chin mom overreacting to things as usual haha 😅 Thanks for the advice everyone!
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    White residue in urine

    I was playing with Mr. B today and he pee'd on one of his cardboard play boxes. After the urine dried up I noticed there was a white residue leftover. After doing a bit of research, there was a past thread where a member said it's calcium being excreted, which is normalish but sometimes...
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    Is this fur chewing or something else?

    A vet I visited said that's where their scent gland is on their tails (so I guess males swish their tails around in a mating dance to waft their scent, not sure if females have scent glands in the same way?), and sometimes it's just kind of bald-ish like that. Can't confirm if that's 100% true...
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    Critical Care Force Feeding- Tips, Suggestions?

    Oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss... :cry: It did sound like her situation was really bad, and you tried your best. Chins are in a super precarious situation when they aren't eating/pooping, stasis is no joke! And to add bronchitis on top of that.. Thank you for trying to save her! I hope...
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    Critical Care Force Feeding- Tips, Suggestions?

    I'm a new chin owner and had to force feed critical care after having had my chin, Mr. B, for a month. Talk about a real crash course! :p Mr. B didn't like his critical care either but he had to eat or he'd be one sad/dead chin. :( My advice: I first tried it on a table, like how the vet tech...
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