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    [email protected] cuz moderate sounds like i'm writing something inappropriet and I just want to sell my boy chinchilla Bommy because I have a boa...please help, my asking price with cage,bathtub,sand,water bottle and food bowl is 70 to 75 dollars.I'm from Apex North Carolina and he's in exellent fisical conditions I also have a photo of him on my facebook(Izzy Gonzague).Thank you very much.
    need help posting add to sell my chinchilla,every time I post it says I'm not logged in can you provide specific istructions on how to post for a sell.Thank you.
    Miss Amanda! Where are those fuzzy girls photos?? I wanna see your cuties!
    Ahhhh save me from the evil glycolysis and gluconeogenesis and the very evil pyruvate dehydrogenase complex with all its enzymes I can't even pronounceeeee!!!
    The notifications for "wall posts" don't show up. I only knew you wrote me back since I went to UserCP?
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