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    Red feet/ bumblefoot?

    Hi Thanks for the reply. His cage/room does have alot of flat shelving There is a few perches/lava ledges but perhaps more of this and maybe more twisty branching and rocks could help Looks like I have a weekend project this weekend😁 Thanks for the help
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    Red feet/ bumblefoot?

    Hi I noticed one of my chinchillas back feet are quite red and i'm worried this may be the start of bumblefoot? https://ibb.co/jWv1Cd https://ibb.co/h19uXd He's not in any pain and is hoping around and using his feet fine and theres no blood i'm just a bit worried. The purple/darker areas...
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    Vet visits

    Hi I want to take one of my chinchillas to the vet to get his ears checked. I have read if you have a bonded pair to take both chins to the vets, even if only one needs to be seen to avoid any potential fights Is this true? Should I take both even though there's only 1 I'm concerned about...
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    Chinchillas AND hedgehog...? Help! 9 Questions!

    Hi I have 2 male chinchillas and a female hedgehog and I did have them in the same room to start with. Chinchillas in a large cage and the hedgie in a viv with a ceramic heat emitter. I would strongly recommend a 4ft viv minimum for a hedgehog together with a che,thermostat and thermometer...
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    Stopped using wheel

    Hi My hedgehog has recently stopped using her wheel and I am looking for tips to try to encourage her to use it again? She is 2 and was using her wheel regularly each night until roughly a month or so ago. I thought at first my chinchilla's may be disturbing her as their wheel is quite loud so...
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    how much is enough

    I give 2 teaspoons of cat food with some insects,fruit/veg or meat, I do also soak the cat food slightly as the biscuits seem quite hard/big for my hedgehog. But only a slight soak to soften a bit :-) Sent from my KIW-L21 using Tapatalk