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I got my first chinchilla a couple years ago and since that has increased to five. Annie was the first and Wolke was second as her buddy and a few months later, we got three adorable little additions; Nutmeg, Ash and Ebony.
I love animals! I currently own a 10 year old Female gray chinchilla and a 6 mo old male Pinto hedgehog (among other pets!). Please be sure to check out my Youtube Channel about them: Romalyn Gilay
any senior make chinchilla up for adoption in pa or nj?
Anywhere from age 7-10 is good but must be a male chinchilla
Soon you will be able to search for chins near you on We plan to go live at the end of March 2020. In the mean time, I recommend that you contact Barb Alton of Mt Zion Chinchillas Mt Zion Chinchillas
A while back I ordered 10# of Mazuri from you for my Chin.
He has gone through it and I need to order another 10#. Shipping to zip 15068.
Can you give me a quote including shipping - I remember your website is setup for local delivery.

Hi Cherry and Honey are doing well. Actually looking at me typing this message right now. I am on here looking for some treats/toys. :)
I bought some chins a while ago,and you had mention a good place to buy hay?
I dont remember the name of the place,could you let me know asap,please?
Or give me their #
Hi Pam,

My name is Tarah and I got my 2 chins from you several years ago. I know that you do not check CnH very often but in case you do I just wanted to check and see what you thought about eye infections? Sprinkles, my violet male has gotten 3 in the last 7 months and I have treated them with eye drops and they resolved. This is his third one and I am getting concerned about the roots of his teeth over growing and causing the eye infections. Do you have any thoughts about this? Are 3 infections excessive? I'm thinking it might be time to go to the vet and get x-rays taken to check.

Thanks in advance if you get this.
Yes it's time to get an x-ray of the molars.
Hey, I seen your vids on youtube and remembered seeing you on this forum so i just have to ask, Where did you get thoese cardboard houses to. i just love them and would love some for my chin
hello, i cant seem to find your site. whenever i type in my browser says "unable to find page, yet all other sites on my computer work. i tried searching it on google, but i couldn't find it their either. please help. thanks!
I read that if you put veggie oil in there bath and leave the oil on them over night then the next day do a normal bath and if you do this a few times if will get rid of them. Do you know any truth to that and do you think that will be to much for Haji and her babies?
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