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I would like everyone to know that my two babies are healthy! No ring worm or teeth issues! ☺ Although I did find out that my girl Aura is younger than I thought. We all assumed that she was about 8-9 months because she is really poofy and looks bigger but her skeletal structure and teeth coloring suggests that she's 3-4 months.
Chico just Turned 5 months old on the 18th! Thanks to everone who gave me advice on caring for him! He's doing great!❤
I finally have a chinchilla! 😍Chico is the cutest animal I've ever seen in my life! (And I've seen alot!) Including my 5 siblings, lol.
We had to help our last chinchilla cross the rainbow bridge. We are sad and in shock. The grumpy ones are supposed to live forever. He was sweet in his own way. We are taking a break from chinchilla ownership for awhile. If one needs rescuing we are always up for saving an animal in need but won't be actively seeking one out. Thank you to this wonderful knowledgeable group for guiding our care over the years.
Chinsey jumped into some whipped cream when she escaped out of her cage while I was cleaning it I whipped as much off as I could, what should I do to make sure she is okay and doesn’t get an infection?
I got my first chinchilla a couple years ago and since that has increased to five. Annie was the first and Wolke was second as her buddy and a few months later, we got three adorable little additions; Nutmeg, Ash and Ebony.
I love animals! I currently own a 10 year old Female gray chinchilla and a 6 mo old male Pinto hedgehog (among other pets!). Please be sure to check out my Youtube Channel about them: Romalyn Gilay
any senior make chinchilla up for adoption in pa or nj?
Anywhere from age 7-10 is good but must be a male chinchilla
Soon you will be able to search for chins near you on We plan to go live at the end of March 2020. In the mean time, I recommend that you contact Barb Alton of Mt Zion Chinchillas Mt Zion Chinchillas
A while back I ordered 10# of Mazuri from you for my Chin.
He has gone through it and I need to order another 10#. Shipping to zip 15068.
Can you give me a quote including shipping - I remember your website is setup for local delivery.

Hi Cherry and Honey are doing well. Actually looking at me typing this message right now. I am on here looking for some treats/toys. :)