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A while back I ordered 10# of Mazuri from you for my Chin.
He has gone through it and I need to order another 10#. Shipping to zip 15068.
Can you give me a quote including shipping - I remember your website is setup for local delivery.

Hi Cherry and Honey are doing well. Actually looking at me typing this message right now. I am on here looking for some treats/toys. :)
I bought some chins a while ago,and you had mention a good place to buy hay?
I dont remember the name of the place,could you let me know asap,please?
Or give me their #
Hi Pam,

My name is Tarah and I got my 2 chins from you several years ago. I know that you do not check CnH very often but in case you do I just wanted to check and see what you thought about eye infections? Sprinkles, my violet male has gotten 3 in the last 7 months and I have treated them with eye drops and they resolved. This is his third one and I am getting concerned about the roots of his teeth over growing and causing the eye infections. Do you have any thoughts about this? Are 3 infections excessive? I'm thinking it might be time to go to the vet and get x-rays taken to check.

Thanks in advance if you get this.
Hey, I seen your vids on youtube and remembered seeing you on this forum so i just have to ask, Where did you get thoese cardboard houses to. i just love them and would love some for my chin
hello, i cant seem to find your site. whenever i type in my browser says "unable to find page, yet all other sites on my computer work. i tried searching it on google, but i couldn't find it their either. please help. thanks!
I read that if you put veggie oil in there bath and leave the oil on them over night then the next day do a normal bath and if you do this a few times if will get rid of them. Do you know any truth to that and do you think that will be to much for Haji and her babies?
Hi there!
I was reading your post on the impulse buyers and saw that you can e-mail your care packets. Is there a chance you could e-mail me a copy? I am always trying to find good information and you definitely seem to know what you're talking about!
Hello! :) I was wondering if you could send me some more pictures of your cage so that I can TRY and replicate it?
:hug2: Girlfriend!!!!

Lol---I posted this before I even saw your's from today...... hehe! Great minds thinkalikeANDIMISSYOU.