Why a hedgehog?

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Oct 23, 2019
Short life span, solitary nature, room temperature requirement, large cage requirement, sensitivity to loud sounds, and stubbornness that some may never bond with humans, are some of the challenges to having hedgies as pets.

But why a hedgehog?
Just like all animals, it depends on how young and how they were treated before you get them will mainly determine if they are willing to bond. And when they do, oh are hegies adorable 😍. Mine had no issues with being held, would sleep in my lap, followed me around and nibble at my toes to get my attention, and was fine with my busy irregular schedule. She would eat from my hand and didn't mind the cats sniffing her, at all. When she got sick with a uteran issue, she was easy to give medication to. Being so full of personality, it made it that much harder when she passed. But the experience with her and love from her is irreplaceable 💓