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Hooked on Hogs
Jan 28, 2009
Kingston, Ontario
Symptoms that require immediate vet care....

- cold and unresponsive that does not respond to warming within an hour.
- wobbly or unsteady that does not respond to warming within an hour. Wobbliness that comes on suddenly is NOT Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome
- watery Diarrhea that has gone on longer than 8 hours
- black tarry stool
- blood in either urine or stool
- unexplained vomiting that isn’t the result of car sickness or choking on a kibble
- green vomit or blood in the vomit
- sneezing and runny nose
- sudden paralysis of any limb
- blood from the nose, eyes or ears
- tilting of the head
- convulsions
- gasping for breath
- raspy breathing

If your hedgehog is showing one or more of the above symptoms he needs to see a vet ASAP!

Very often people waste time asking for advice on an internet forum rather than taking their pet to the vet. While people are always willing to help, often the advice given is wrong or totally inappropriate for the situation. Sometimes the people giving the advice will have no more experience or knowledge on the subject than the person asking. Unless you are familiar with the people replying and know that their advice will be accurate you are taking the risk of following something that could end up causing more harm.
Remember too that those giving their experiences, are giving their experiences only and the condition your pet has may not be the same thing their pet had. The same is true of people that pm or email you with advice. Follow it at your own risk.

1. When your hedgehog is ill or injured he needs to be kept warm. Put your hedgehog on a human heating pad set on low to ensure he stays warm enough. Do not leave him unattended on the heating pad in case it is too warm.

2. Phone your vet and set up an appointment as soon as you can get in, or if this is a critical situation, take the hedgehog immediately to the vet. Tell the office staff that this is an emergency situation and describe what is happening.

3. Ensure that your hedgehog stays warm enough on the trip to the vet.