What am I doing wrong?


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Apr 30, 2021
I have two chinchillas that I have looked after for the same amount of time and both are treated equally. Their behaviour is completely opposite and for some reason one of them kind of hates me and the other doesn’t. She won’t come out of the cage and if she does it’s because I’ve had to try and pick her up - which she really doesn’t like and tries to run off as fast as possible, but if I don’t I worry that she won’t be getting any exercise. Sometimes I just let her stay in the cage because I don’t want to upset her. My other chinchilla loves to come out of the cage and basically comes out himself sometimes and gets excited and comes up to me when he sees their playpen. So I’m really worried about my other one because I have no idea if I’m doing something wrong and I don’t want her to miss out on exercise and just be stuck in a cage. Any help is much appreciated!!!


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May 7, 2012
Chins each have their own personalities, they can vary as much as humans, and from my experience females are way more moody. Unless you are keeping her in a tiny cage if she doesn't want to come out it's ok. Chins don't need a lot of exercise like most other animals, but if you are worry you can look into getting her a chin safe wheel. To be clear a chin safe wheel is one that is a bare minimum of 14" diameter (and really only good if your chin is on the smaller side) but ideally 15-16" diameter or larger, and solid metal not mesh or spokes.

Here is a list of some chin safe wheels

Drum style wheels

Silver surfer (14" so only for smaller chins)

Chin spin

Pandamonium Pets wheels (various wheels for different prices)

Chin sprint

Pet Revolution wheels

Felix and Fido wheel

Saucer wheels

Steel Flying Saucer (standard or large)

Treadmill wheel (14")