Weaning kits?


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Jan 30, 2019
Corvallis, OR
I apologise if this is a duplicate question! I tried going through several posts, but am having trouble finding an exact fit.

Chinny had 4 kits! I've been supplementing (2 entirely from birth) them with KMR since day 1, every 2 hours, then stretching out to every 4. One of them has always eaten much less than the other 3, so I know he's getting the most of Chinnys milk. Her kits are now 6wks 2days old. All are all between 223 and 243g, but both parents are also considerably large (800g+). They pounce on their hay every time I add more, and have seen them nibbling on their pellets. I have yet to see one drink from the water bottle though. They will often go eat hay after a feeding as well. All of them are consuming anywhere from 2-8 eye droppers full of milk at each feeding.
My questions are: Will they naturally start to take less and less milk in a couple more weeks, or do I need to quit supplying it to get them to wean? If I need to quit supplying it, I'm thinking I should gradually stretch out the time of feedings rather than make them go cold turkey? Also, is age or weight more important when weaning? Overall, I have no issue with continuing to feed them, just want to make sure they are getting the very best that they can!:) Also, just to note, they are all still with Chinny and doing well, but I'm a bit concerned for her nipples if I cut back on feedings. I have no idea if she even has any milk left at this point and is pretty exhausted.

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