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Poppy the mosaic squibbit
Jan 29, 2009
Farm country, Northern Illinois
I have two rescue chinchillas from a raid of a exatic animal distribution center in Nee Orleans. I participated in a driving relay to get chinchillas to adoptive homes up in Illinois. My chins names are Nora and Nola.


New member
Oct 20, 2012
I have two sweet baby girl Chinchillas - Berneese who is 3 years old and loves to jump on my shoulder and ride around my office/zoo (I work at home). I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old and she is the most cuddly Chinchilla we’ve ever had. She will climb onto my lap and snuggle in for a nap! Such a sweet little gir!

Tinkerbell - she is 7 years old and Tink loves to gives kisses and get belly rubs! We rescued Tink when she was 1.5 years old and she came from a bad home, so we’ve given her extra attention and she’s changed so much over the years. She still can’t be around any other Chinchilla (we have tried a couple of times in years past but Tink is aggressive and wants to fight), but she’s happy in her own house next to Bernese.

To complete our furry family we have a 4 year old Guinea Pig - Sir Patrick Piggy Stewart who just loves giving the girls kisses from his house through the cage wire door and a 9-month old mini dachshund puppy - Crystal.
My office - also known as SuzyZoo is full and so much fun! There are days that I would much rather play than work!