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Two little girls needing a home...

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New member
Jul 17, 2012
It breaks my heart to be writing this post. I used to be very active on Chins-n-Quills and then here when it first switched over, but then life got in the way and I stopped checking in. I guess it was so long that I had to create a new account.

My husband, Rob, and I have two little girls. Nuance is 5 (From Hedgehogs in Space out of Batavia, NY) and Fray is 4 (from Nancy. Everyone knows Nancy...) We have had them for so long, and they are such a dear part of our family. They have had their own climate controlled room in our house the entire time that they have spent with us.

The story is, we have been trying to sell our house for the last two years so that we could move into something bigger to expand our family with a human baby. Sadly, our house has not sold again... and, not so sadly, we just found out in May that we are expecting. Since our house is only a two bedroom, we will need that room for the baby when he/she comes in January. This also means that our hedgies will be out of a room where we can controll the temperature.

While the house has been on the market this summer, the girls have been living at my mother-in-law's house and while she does a great job with them... it isn't fair to expect or ask her to take over total care until (or even if) our house sells next year.

So while it is breaking my heart to write this post here, we have to give up our little girls to a new home and to someone who would be able to care for them better than we will be able to.

Nuance is a very sweet girl and likes to cuddle. One of her favorite pastimes has always been curling up behind Rob's neck and dozing against the back of his chair. She has always been our little hedgie ambassador... meeting new people and even traveling with my husband to his school during finals week to hang out in her play pen and visit with his high school students.

Fray is a little more prickly, prefering to be left alone but if she has a bag or blanket she will sit with you for a bit. This past May she had a growth in her mouth that we had taken off, and so she had tolerated handling a little more for a while... until she realized she was being given meds and then squirmed a lot. She also has bitten my husband in the past while trying to clip her nails... and so we have always taken her to the vet for that.

These girls live together in one cage and most of the time we find them curled up in the same pigloo... we call them sisters even though they aren't related by blood... and when Fray was recovering from her surgery, Nuance would rest her head on top of her sister's to cuddle and seem to comfort her.

Since they are somewhat elderly, these little ones need a home with an experienced hedgie owner. We are willing to provide their cage (C&C cage, 2x3), a wheel (Nuance loves it, Fray likes to sit in it), two pigloos, a couple polar fleece liners, and what hedgie bags and blankets that we have. They share a food dish and a water dish.

We are located near Saratoga, NY and are willing to drive in a couple hours in any direction in order to give them a loving home for whatever time they have left. You can contact me on her, or email me at [email protected].