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Jan 28, 2009
Kingston, Ontario
Things to have ready BEFORE your new hedgehog arrives home:

- A cage of at least 2 square feet and preferably 3, 4, or more square feet. Well ventilated and escape proof.

- Ceramic dishes work best as hedgies often put their feet on the side of the dish to eat and drink. Plastic and lightweight dishes are easy to tip. A good inexpensive idea for dishes are individual dip dishes.

- Food a mix of good quality cat foods. If possible use the food hedgie is already eating. (see feeding your hedgehog)

- Hidey home either a hedgie bag, plastic igloo, cardboard box or something hedgie can crawl inside of to feel secure.

- Bedding, KILN DRIED pine shavings, KILN DRIED aspen shavings, Carefresh or cloth cage liners. NEVER USE CEDAR shavings or any shavings that have cedar in them. Try to choose a bedding that is a dust free as possible.

- A source of extra heat electric space heater, human heating pad, Pet Snuggle safe disks or hand mitten warmers

- Thermometer any type of accurate thermometer to ensure hedgies environment is above 72-73 F.

- Light source A light nearby that can be left on 12 hours a day. Can be a broad spectrum bulb or just a regular light bulb.

- Wheel A large 12" diameter or larger, solid surface wheel. NO MESH OR RUNGS. A bucket wheel is best as hedgie can be injured on the cross bars of normal wheels.

- Veterinarian A hedgehog knowledgeable vet located before one is needed in an emergency.


- Litter box a shallow pan or tray large enough to fit under the wheel with about 6" protruding in front of the wheel.

- Litter Choose a litter that is as dust free as possible. Yesterdays News, paper towel, Carefresh, Kiln dried pine or aspen shavings
are all fine. No Corncob, No Clumping cat litter, No small Clay cat litter These litters can get stuck in sensitive areas.

- Toys - Toilet paper tubes cut lengthwise so hedgie does not get stuck. Plastic cat toys and balls. Small stuffed toys (no loose woven fabrics, no loose threads or loops). Cardboard boxes. Small blankets mounded up to crawl on. Plastic plumbing tubes or ferret tubes and elbows. Must be 4" diameter. You, a hedgehogs favorite jungle gym.

- Treats - BUGS, mealworms, crickets, silkworms

- Weigh scale - Hedgehogs are very good at hiding illness and often the first sign of illness is loss of weight. Keeping track of your hedgehogs weight may alert you to an illness in its earliest stages. The best and most accurate type of scale is a digital scale often sold for weighing mail
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