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Chinchilla For Sale Sweet Beige Brothers....

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New member
Aug 13, 2021
I have two male beige brothers that I am looking to re-home. They were rescued by my children's school class after they were found in a storage shed by a friend. The classroom hasn't been the best environment for them and they have been with me for most of COVID and the summer. The teacher just confirmed that they are not interested in having them back in the classroom. I have four children and three dogs and while their basic needs are met, they are not getting enough attention. I am looking for a permanent home for these sweeties. They are about 5 years old and healthy. They get along great and are very sweet. They have never bit anyone. I am not asking for any money for the chinchillas but would like $200 for the two story Critter Nation cage and accessories. I am located in Madison, Wisconsin.