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Feb 21, 2021
London, UK
Hi All,
Not sure if you feed your chins with this by I have noticed my chins don't eat the standard pellet that is part of this mix.

They really go after carrots, flakes etc. but discard the pellet. I know that this stuff shouldn't be for chinchillas really but they really like it, they are also crazy after almonds.
Are you chins doing the same?

Do you know any better "tasty mix" for the chins?
On regular basis I feed them 2 different standard pellets I mix (Science Selective and Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe) but would want to find a less wasteful "tasty mix" to add some variety for them from time to time.


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May 7, 2012
Unfortunately that is one of the worse foods on the market. Even mixes with safe treats mixed in are not recommended since it encourages picky eating, chins will eat the treats and leave the pellets, kind of like giving a little kid a bowl of Lucky Charms, they will eat the marshmallow and leave the cereal if you let them. The mix foods also tend to be lower quality foods Junk food filled foods like that one will cause serious health issues long term. The veggies like the carrots and peas can cause gas, bloat, diarrhea, as well as contain sugars which long term can lead to diabetes, blindness, seizures, as well as organ failure. Also specifically corn (maize) can be toxic to chins, even in small amounts. Almonds are too high in fatty oils which can lead to obesity as well as fatty liver disease. Sunflower oil is also not good for chins, it's a fatty oil that can also lead to fatty liver disease. All those issues can drastically reduce your chins lifespan, although wild chins only live 5-10 years, with proper diet and care domestic chins should live more like 15-20 years, and with luck and good genetics some have lived well into their 20s.

I would stick to the proper chinchilla food and ditch the unhealthy junk. Their diet should be a high quality pellet only food (like the Science Selective and Oxbow), hay, and water. Safe treats can be given but in moderation, a small piece or a pinch worth a couple times a week at most, but really aren't required in the diet. No fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sugars, or animal products, grains are ok for most chins in very small amounts but can be gassy so aren't really recommended anymore, especially with so many safer options. Here is a list of safe treats in case you need/want it

InkedTreat list_LI.jpg