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St. Louis County: Chin Male Wanted

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New member
Jan 4, 2020
hi i live in the st. louis county area and i’m looking for a friend for my baby chin dusty. i just bought him from petsmart which i know now may have not been the best idea but regardless i have him and he needs a friend.


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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2019
Southern California
Hi I would check local rescues. There are always chins that need rescuing (thats what i did) and even baby chins. However, before you get another you need a much larger cage. That one is kinda small, even for one. I would suggest getting a critter nation. You can find one on Amazon fro a relatively nice price, compared to other places. The cage is animal and childproof (chins can escape for most cages). You would also need a wheel. This might be expensive but its worth it. Before getting a new chin I would highly recommend getting the necessary items for him. Unfortunately that cage is WAY to small for 2 chins and even for 1, thats the biggest issue. Getting a new wheel is the next thing I would suggest doing but not necessary before you get another one. I have attached what Roos cage looks like and I will leave links for a cage and wheel that a lot of chin owners buy. The wheel needs to be AT LEAST 15 inches in diameter


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