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Chinchilla For Sale Single female mosaic chin

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Aug 30, 2009
New Jersey
Hi all,

I really hate to be making this post right now, but I need to rehome my 14 year old female mosaic chinchilla. She's been living at my parents house for a while due to my husband's allergies. I recently started a new job and I haven't been able to get to their house to care for her and give her attention nearly as much as I would like to. I hate that she is just sitting in her cage by herself all the time and I decided it's just not fair to her. She is super sweet and loves her chin scritches. She has never bitten. She was housed with a neutered male a long time ago before he passed, but she is very independent. She will come with a double critter nation. Please let me know if you are interested. I am located in New Jersey and would be willing to travel up to an hour or 2 for the right home.


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