Sick chin still losing weight


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Nov 1, 2011
Portland, OR
I have another thread in Emergencies (not so much of an emergency now we've been through the vet) about my chinchilla with a probable UTI and bloat. She's on Baytril, Reglan and a probiotic. The problem (in addition) is she's lost a lot of weight. She's never been a big chin but she's dropped all the way down to 454. We're feeding 10 ml of CC 3 x every day and I do see her grazing a little bit on her pellets and hay.

I emailed Fuzzies Kingdom about 4 days ago but never heard anything back.

What do you recommend for this kind of weight loss? Should we increase the Critical Care?

We have two weeks of the antibiotics so I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about waiting until we're done.
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Dec 30, 2019
I would keep feeding her critical care. When my chin was on antibiotics I had to force feed him about 4-5 syringes of food 2-3 times a day (sometimes I had work and could only feed him morning/evenings), I think that was like 25-30ml per meal tho? It was about 4-5 syringes of cc. 10ml seems like very little for a sick chin.. cc is mostly water. My chin wouldn't eat it on his own at first, when he started to do that I'd still have to force him to eat if he wasn't eating enough.

Once he was feeling better/stable, he started to eat more pellets/hay on his own and I'd feed him less cc. After about 2-3 weeks he was off the cc, I brought him back for a check up he was still underweight altho he had been eating his 2.5-3 tbsp pellets and lots of hay! About a month later he's gained +30g and is finally a good weight!
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