Shaking and weird noises

Mar 19, 2020
I just got a girl chinchilla a few days ago. I settled her in and got her a big cage the day after. She was kinda shy so I thought I would get her a treat. I asked google for what I could give her and I saw Romain lettuce. But without doing all the research I gave about a one inch long leaf of it. Since then she’s been sleeping more than usual. She stops randomly anywhere in her cage and sits for a few minutes and stretches. And it seems when ever she gets the chance she rubs her face and whisker. At first I thought it was just stress tell I started looking into it. I went to bring her to the vet today but couldn’t get it in. She’s stopped rubbing her face and stretching but when ever she sleeps she sits and makes a small grind sound and shakes. She does this for about twenty minutes after she decides to sleep. I did find diarrhea but that was in the cage I had her in when I fed her the lettuce. She has been eating and drinking and producing pellets but I wanted to see if I should still get her checked out.


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Dec 30, 2019
I tend to play it safe and give no fresh vegetables. Only dry chin safe treats! I wonder if her stretching was because of bloat?
The grinding sound may just be her grinding teeth. Not sure what the shaking is about.

If she's a new pet it's probably a good idea to get her to an exotics vet who is familiar with chinchillas for a check up anyways! You never know what problems they might already have prior to your adopting them. My chin had molar spurs a month after I got him, he probably had them before I adopted him.