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Jul 22, 2013
It seems like there's been a huge increase in the amount of chins I see on craigslist recently- I don't go on often, but at the beginning of the year a search would only come up with a cage listed for all sorts of critters or something, now I get pages of results. Most of them don't seem to know how to care for chins and I'm frustrated at seeing so many chins in tiny or plastic cages and fed bad stuff. I had posted a while back about proper chin care and linked to this site to help anyone interested in getting a chin or who was selling a chin give it better care. Since then, it seems to keep gong up anyways. It seems like there's been an increase in back yard breeders too (even though breeders aren't supposed to be allowed on craigslist). I wish I had the money to buy a bunch of FN's and pay the "rehoming fee" on a lot of these guys and give them the care they need. I'm posting so maybe some can get out of the situation if there are members looking, or maybe you guys could contact them directly and talk about chin care- I've gotten very frustrated and overwhelmed by it.
These are from my searches of the toledo and monroe craigslists:
Unless I messed up, these are the ones with something wrong in them like plastic shelfs, wire ramps, bad fabrics- or almost everything.
And these are just the ads that are spelled right- I havent searched for ads a letter off. Maybe a great way for someone in the area to "rescue" a chin without encouraging pet stores to stock them? Each case may or may not be an emergency, but I'm worried about the general increase in number and decrease in care.

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