Room Temperature??

Dec 4, 2019
I’m curious to know what the room temperature should be?... My chins will be housed in my living room area and being that it is winter here, I tend to turn the temperature to 80 degrees to knock off the chill... should I buy a thermometer to keep track of the temperature?


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Aug 17, 2019
80 degrees is life threatening for a chin. The highest is 75, but most like to keep it below 70. A good temp is 50-60 degrees, but they do begin developing respiratory infections below 50 degrees F which can result in death if it progresses to pneumonia or rapidly gets worse. A thermometer would be handy, as well as a way to check the humidity which should be in the 40% range.


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May 7, 2012
I agree 80F is way too hot, they can start to over heat in anything above 70, so no handling or out of cage time if it's reached 70 in the room. At 75 and above they can suffer heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Keep in mind that although a chin may survive the heat it doesn't mean no damage was done, like someone having a high fever it can cause organ and brain damage.

Chins can actually survive down to below freezing, so long as their water doesn't freeze, but will obviously be cold. I knew a breeder who had her herd in about 20F for a week or so during an ice storm that knocked down power lines. It's also not uncommon for it to be in the 40s F at night and 50s-60s during the day in the room my chins are in during the winter. A draft can cause respiratory infections though, so make sure the chin isn't near anywhere drafty.


Dec 30, 2019
Thank you... I’m going to purchase a wall thermometer that shows the humitity and temperature
I know this is overkill but I have 3 thermometers in Swee swee's room. I put one near her home and the others in the upper perimeter. Because heat rises the highest temperature is going to be in the upper corners of the room. As long as those thermometers read 68° or below I know She'll be okay. I also have a barometer in the room as long as it reads below 60% I'm confident that she's in no danger. I do have an AC in the room that dehumidifies as well. On occasion I will put a dehumidifier in there during the summer. I also have an air purifier and a fan pointed towards an open window to keep fresh air circulating through the room. I don't know if this helps you or just makes it more complicated. I hope it helps.🐁💕👩🏻

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