Apr 13, 2020
Hello everyone,

Sadly I have to rehome my two girls Nyx and Nova. Being a working student at my local barn as well as having lots of schoolwork has made it very difficult to give them the time and attention they need.
Nova is 2 and Nyx is 2 1/2. Just like many chinnes they love to run around and climb, and they need lots of space to do so. They have a 2 story ferret nation cage with lots of ledges and hides to climb around on. I let them out around 4 hours a day to run around my room. They love to climb on step stools and play in cardboard boxes. Nova is very friendly and loves to climb on you and get attention whereas Nyx is more independent and likes to do her own thing.
I am going to be very picky with who I rehome them to to make sure they are going to a good home. I don't want to rehome them to a child or young teenager. I would like to rehome them to someone who works from home or is home a lot to pay attention to them. They have to be kept in a room that you are in frequently, but they will chew through cords so you may need cord protectors or to keep them in a room without cords. They can't be in a room that is too hot or right in front of a window. They do not like dogs or cats to be near them, but they are okay with barking.
I am rehoming them at $500 in hope that they won't go to a little kid as a Christmas gift. You will receive the girls (they were $200 each) $400 worth of supplies and food, and their $240 cage. Please don't message me trying to lower the price, this is a normal price for chinchillas and their supplies.
I will give you a lot more information and pictures when you message me. If you are interested in them, please text me at 731-531-5968

Thank you


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