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Chinchilla For Sale Rehoming single male chinchilla, California

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New member
Mar 31, 2016
I'm looking to rehome Nemo. He's a male standard gray chinchilla. Estimated age ~8 years old.

I saw him being kept in really sad conditions in a store when I was working in South Korea in 2015, so I "adopted" him. I took him with me when I returned to the US in 2016. Unfortunately, I need to go on another expat assignment overseas, and I'm not allowed to bring a pet. He's currently with my parents in California, but my parents are about to move to another country as well.

He's been a well behaved chinchilla all these years, active and healthy. He loves his play time and wall surfing. I've never seen him being aggressive; however, he's not a cuddly chinchilla, he doesn't enjoy being held probably because he's been kept alone since he was a baby in the pet store. He's ok with chin scratches.

I'm genuinely looking for an experienced chinchilla owner to adopt Nemo and take good care of him. I will give the double-level ferret nation cage and all the accessories and supplies (food, hay, etc). I will not charge anything, because I'm really hoping a loving person can care for Nemo. Given his age, I want to make sure the next person will be his last owner and is already familiar and experienced with chinchillas.

Please message me if you are interested and willing to be committed. Thank you.





Staff member
Oct 23, 2019
He's really cute! I hope too that his next owner will be as kind and loving. Any progress so far?