Rehoming Mosaic Female Chinchilla-FL Panhandle


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Dec 23, 2015
Hello all! I am looking to rehome my ~1.5/2 year old female mosaic chinchilla at this time, as I have 4 chinchillas total but the other 3 are males and share a space, so she is currently living alone, and I just do not have the time for her that I feel she deserves as a single chinchilla.

She is a super sweet lady with some very unique markings. I am not asking for any $ for her, just want to be sure she is going to a good, responsible home. If needed I would be happy to send her off with the current 2 story Ferret Nation she is housed in (currently separated with her on top and my 3 boys sharing the bottom level) as I am looking to change to a critter nation for the boys anyways.

I am located in the Panama City/Panama City Beach area of the panhandle but can drive a bit and meet up if needed.


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