Rehoming bonded pair of male chinchillas


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Aug 14, 2021
I hate to do this but being in the army and PCSing soon is gonna be hard on these guys so I’m Looking to rehome my bonded pair of 2 male chinchillas. We bought the chinchillas in May. Their names are MoMo and Appa and they are the sweetest and love Cheerios. MoMo likes to be held but Appa doesn’t so that’s how we can tell them apart. They will come with brand new critter nation cage(bought it in June), wooden accessories, dust bath and dust, food and hay. Asking for a rehoming fee($450)
Located in El Paso, TX
Paid $300 for both chinchillas
Paid $275 for cage
Paid $250 for accessories in cage
Paid $100 for fleece bedding in cage