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Re-home needed for standard grey male, about 4 years old, Chicago south suburbs.

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love my chins!
Dec 12, 2012
Re-home needed for standard grey male, about 4 years old, Chicago south suburbs.

I am looking for a forever home for Cloud. I really would like him to go to someone who already has chinchillas and is knowledgeable.

Cloud is healthy but he does have one specific need, and that is to be checked for hair rings. I know a lot of males are self-cleaning, but he is apparently bad at it. I check him every 2-4 weeks, and only once ever has he not had hair stuck in there. I assume it is at least partly due to his relentless shedding.

Cloud is active and likes to move fast. He loves his scratches but does not like to be picked up. The right person might be able to teach him to tolerate it with time and effort. He loves his Flying Saucer and enjoys playtime. He is a big fan of plastic as a chew item, so wood and metal items only for him.

I am asking a $50 rehoming fee for Cloud. He will come with everything he owns except his Ferret Nation cage, which I am however willing to sell.

Cloud's personal possessions include:
-His remaining Mazuri food and Timothy hay
-Remaining bath dust and dust house
-Wood sticks, various chew items, a brand new willow tunnel, and several "kabobs"
-Assorted treats
-2 wood hidey houses, his food bowls, hay rack, water bottle
-Flying Saucer wheel
-Various handmade hammocks and cuddle buddy balls
-Chiller tile
-Travel carrier
-Travel cage (a "home away from home", good enough for a week while you're on vacation and your best friend is chin-sitting, but not big enough for permanent residence.)
-Whatever else I've forgotten to mention.

Please let me know if you are interested in giving Cloud a forever home. I would prefer someone with chin experience and knowledge, I'm just not comfortable giving him up otherwise.

We are located in Steger, about an hour south of Chicago.


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