(Question) Chinchilla water bottle leak?

Apr 5, 2020
My chinchilla (Toby), in all of his greatness, started drooling a while ago, we took him to the vet and they trimmed his teeth, which had been the problem. Then it came back, same procedure. But now a third time! This time I'm a little suspicious because it might not be drooling. While my chinchilla drinks water, in all of his greatness, the water seems to drip down his mouth, eventually leading to his chest area. I have had my chinchilla, in all of his greatness, for 5 years and have never seen this happen. Is it a leaky bottle, or did Toby forget how to drink water? Did i mention that he has exponential greatness (as does all chinchillas)?


Staff member
May 7, 2012
Since he has a history of tooth issues I would still keep the idea it's time for another tooth trim in mind. If you can I would first try another water bottle, see if that is the issue.

What exactly was the issue with the teeth? tooth spurs? over grown teeth? If tooth spurs or overgrown molars are the issue it could be his teeth aren't properly lined up properly meaning regular teeth trimmings are going to be needed for the rest of his life. Also were x-rays take to rule out root elongation being a problem? If teeth are left to grow for too long the roots start growing into the skull and down into the jaw. Also does he go back to chewing on toys and eating hay properly after the trimming? If not that can allow the teeth to grow as well meaning trimming may need to be done more often.