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Dec 9, 2020
My little two year old fella normally loves to come out of his cage and run into his bath and play around the room. The past few days he has only jumped into his bath but has not turned over then he goes and sits on a rug. It doesn't look like he hops slow or funny on the way to the bath though. Then when he goes to get back into his cage (Ferret Nation cage) he can't make the jump from the floor into his cage. I have since added a little step stool so now he can make it into the cage, however, he no longer can make the jump from his wooden ledge to the second floor. I'm thinking since it doesn't look like hopping is his issue maybe something to do with his back since he won't turn over in the bath??? Any thoughts anyone?? Thank you!


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May 7, 2012
Sounds like he may have hurt himself, it might be worth getting a vet check, it doesn't sound like an emergency so just when you can get him in. In the mean time I would just let him rest, no playtime for a couple days, also make sure his food, water, and hide out are on the level he can reach and see if a bit of rest helps.