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One or Two male chins available for adoption in Los Angeles/Orange County CA

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New member
May 29, 2017
Los Angeles
I rescued by three chins (brothers) from a biology classroom breeder, and the middle chin, Rory, who is my favorite, of course, is being beat up on by his older brother Rob. Rob and the youngest, Roland get along very well, but Rory has gotten three bloody injuries since I adopted them in May of 2017, and it's breaking my heart. I'm looking for a new home for either Rory or Rob and Roland together.

The boys aren't into being held, but are friendly due to the circumstances of their birth and nurture (lots of teenagers around with lots of Doritos). I give them the best of everything, and want to make sure he/they go to someone who can also provide for these darling boys.

I'm also open to adopting all three out, as long as Rory isn't adopted to be a single-chin, he's too used to having chinchilla company. Trying not to cry. :cry3:

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