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Jul 18, 2021
Momma had 2 babies, one is healthy and the other has a broken arm! I gave mom some time since the kit looked fresh, but she did nothing to clean it. When I took the baby out I noticed her arm. It doesn’t move, it feels like there’s no blood flow in her paw, her eyes are still closed, she’s very weak and has only latched once. She does have an appetite, though! No vets near me are open right now and I’m not even sure what to do when I get there! Is there hope for this little one? Can she survive surgery at this age? Am I too late to save her arm? I’m really worried they’re just going to euthanize her since she’s so young :(
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May 7, 2012
I realize you have probably already brought the little kit the vet by now, but I would just try to keep it warm until you can get to the vet when it opens. You can try a warm damp cloth to see if you can get the eyes to open, and if the mother refuses to feed it you will have to hand feed. I don't know about the arm, the vet would be able to better answer that, I don't think surgery at that age is going to be a good idea, but if it's not life threatening they might wait until she is bigger and stronger. Chins do adapt well to only having 3 legs especially if they lose it early in life though so that shouldn't be a problem.