newborn chin atacking mom and siblings ! help needed

zette engel

Jan 30, 2021
we have 3 newborn kits, one of which is extremely aggressive ... he is only 3 days old today and the smallest of the bunch. We tried handfeeding him and swopping him with the others, so that he can be alone with the mother but he bites her and us and hardly drinks any of the goats milk we give him. Its been going on for 3 days strait and just keeps getting worse ... the mother runs away from him now and every time we take him out, the mom is more calm and so are the other 2 kits ... he will sit by her side for a short wile and when he wants to drink he will start to attach her and the other kits very violently. one of the kits eyes got hurt in the process and so did his. just a mention he is about half the size of the other two kits ... we don't know what we should do at this point and any advice will help a lot ! thanks in advance.


Staff member
May 7, 2012
Since no one else has chimed in, my suggestion would be to just remove that kit causing problems and just hand feed. If it's attacking the others to the point of causing injury that doesn't sound safe. Keep in mind that a newborn kit needs to eat every couple hours 24/7 so it's best to set an alarm so you can wake up to feed him. If you can put a heating pad in one side of the cage the kit is in so it can get warm if needed or move away if needed. Another option is a hot water bottle wrapped in fleece that the kit can cuddle up to. You can keep trying to put him back in with the siblings and mom every day or so, hopefully he is just hunger and once he gets some growing done closer to the size of the others he will calm down.