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Apr 27, 2010
Rochester NY
just joined cnh & am excited to know there's so many other people out there who're nuts over their chins like i am!!!
i'm a chin-mom to 3 chins -- all under 2 years old; 2 girls & a neutered boy, who all joined the family the week of christmas 09. we originally thought we had 2 males but raz turned out to be a girl, so i had zero neutered (i'm a vet tech) since i couldn't bear keeping them apart but don't want babies. mallo is a white mosiac female we rescued from a home that had no interest in her. raz & zero are standards who were cage mates at a pet store, so i consider them rescues in their own sense.
i wanted chins since college, just took some time to convince my hubby that they're good pets, but now he spoils them almost as much as i do :)
we also have a dwarf siberian hamster, a robo hamster, 2 gerbils & a few fresh water fish tanks (the fish are my husband's contribution to the family).
i've lived in rochester ny my entire life, bu will be moving to the jamestown (ny) area in june due to my hubby's job. so if anybody out there can give me tips or advice about chin life in that area, i'd appreciate it!!! also looking to add more chins to the family after we're settled into our new home.