New Playroom?


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Jan 11, 2020
My SO and I are purchasing a house soon and would like to convert one of the bedrooms into our chins bedroom/playroom. Do you guys have any advice or ideas on how to set this up? Is there anything in particular I should know about setting up a full room? Any information would be appreciated from safety tips to what you guys like to have out during playtime!
Also, what do you think about shelves on the walls? Safe or not?


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May 7, 2012
What I did in the rooms my chins play in is replaced the base boards with untreated 1" kiln dried pine, they don't look as pretty, but they are safe to chew on and easily replaced. Also vinyl or tile flooring is easiest, they can't chew it up and if they pee you can easily wipe it up. Shelving on the walls can be good, but do keep in mind that a fall (not a jump but a fall) of more then a foot onto a hard surface can seriously hurt the chin, so keep them low and over lap. I've seen people use cat trees for playtime too, you can cover cat trees in fleece to make them safe from chewing. Or you could even make your own kind of chinchilla style cat tree out of chin safe wood, or buy some this page has some cool stuff WebShop--Cage Stuff | Other things I like to have out during playtime is tunnels, boxes (watch for chewing, cardboard is not safe to swallow), and ball toys like willow balls and even plastic cat balls with bells inside just make sure they are too big to bite and the bell is not accessible. I also put out some chew sticks and hay to munch on.

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