New member with chin concerns

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New member
Apr 24, 2022
Hi! I’m new here :) I have a chinchilla named Olaf who has a lot of health issues going on right now so I came here for some insight. Long story short, Olaf is 7 years old. He got ring worm from another chinchilla .. and I also found out he had a hair ring, and now has an ulcer is his eye. He also has a prolapsed penis and we aren’t sure why it won’t go back in. The tip of it still sticks out even after the vet tried putting it back in, and I keep it lubed. I’ve read a lot on here about their chins having a prolapsed penis, and what could cause it. The vet I saw doesn’t know what’s causing it and I’m seeing another vet Thursday for a second opinion. His teeth look good, eats and drinks, poops fine, I don’t think he has lost weight? But I never weighed him before. Nothing seems different in terms of weight to my naked eye. He does have a cone on bc he won’t leave his penis alone :(


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Oct 23, 2019
Not an expert, but welcome to the forum. Is he in pain or uncomfortable?