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Needing to rehome two beauties: Owner passed

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New member
Jul 23, 2021
Good evening,
I took in two beautiful chinchilla females about two months ago to help out when a close friend suddenly became ill. At the time we thought it was COVID, but it turned out to be leukemia. She very tragically passed a few weeks ago and we have been trying to find a good home for her girls Chloe and Zoe.
Sadly, I am unable to keep them permanently, as I am in a graduate healthcare program and am gone 15-16 hours a day. I also have two cats and one is far too interested in them to make me feel comfortable. I also have never had small animals so I really have no idea what I’m doing in this area. My lifestyle just really isn’t conducive to the time and attention they deserve or have enjoyed in the past. I had reached out to everyone I know, as well as several rescues near me but got no response, was told they were just fine living in the cage permanently, or was told they would likely be euthanized for space reasons.
I know it may seem a silly attachment, but I couldn’t in good conscious choose any of those options or try to post to a site like Craigslist. My friend loved these girls immensely and it feels like such a disrespect to her to not do the best I can for them. I found this group online and am hoping someone out there has some advice or has some space in their home and hearts for them.
As far as I know the girls are around 2-3 years old and I believe they have only ever been owned by my friend. They were purchased together so we always said they were sisters. My friend had them out daily for free range play time in their dedicated room and said they always came right to her. I’ve had a little trouble with play time, they have managed to give me a real run for my money finding places in my small studio that are hard for me to coax them out of. They are certainly smarter than me and they prove it. They are friendly, if a bit timid with me, but I think I’m still new to them. One gave a small nip at me at first when I stuck my hand in to refill the food bowl, but she could have really bitten me and only nipped the air, so I think it was more stranger in her space and probably my fault.
They readily interact with me while in the cage, they come up and wait for me to hand them a treat or a cheerio and easily take it from me. They will even stand on my hand, and crawl over me when they are out for playtime. They have a full two story critter nation cage but my friend made or purchased a whole bunch of additional bridges and ledges and extra chew toys/fleece.
As I mentioned, I really have no experience with these guys, so I’m sort of just following what instructions she left and trying to find reliable advice online, so please constructive criticism only! I found this site and finally hoped to have found a good resource.

Thank you all in advance for reading! For reference we are located in the Washington D.C. area. I’ve included a picture or two but have plenty more.


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