Need some advice and help


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Mar 30, 2020
Ok so this might be a bit long. So I’ve had a chinchilla for around 10 years. Not long ago my last one died and about 5 months ago i bought a new one. But he’s kind of a little ass lol. I love him of course and he’s just recently finally let me start to pet him, I try to show him a lot of attention so maybe he chills out. He just is irritated easily. my old chinchilla never barked and was always calm. This one, if you touch him to much he instantly barks, he’ll hold grudges for awhile, won’t let you even think of holding him. He barks super easily. But when He’s in the mood he will let you touch him and he can be sweet. Just easily aggravated. Now I wanted to get him a friend so the other day i bought another. this one is super sweet, let me pet him and doesn’t care at all. Just like my last one. I put the cages about two inches apart so they could get use to eachother. My irritated chinchilla, once he saw the other started gripping the bars trying to pull on them, started biting the cage. He was jumping and latching onto the walls of the cage. He just gets mad when they get near eachother in the cage. I just want help on what to do about him and how i could make them friendlier with eachother. I know every animal has it’s own personality and i love them both but is there any way i could make him a little more calm and chill? Tone down his aggrivated ness? I looked into how to get two chinchillas accustomed with eachother but his attitude doesn’t change so it worries me a bit that he will always want to pick a fight, he does it with people too. Again sorry it’s so long but i felt like it needed to be explained.